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ABOUT sport4dev.tv

sport4dev.tv is a video website that uses advanced search technology to pull Sport for Development videos from hundreds of websites and channels into one central location.

Sport is a powerful tool for addressing some of the world’s most challenging issues and there are many inspiring projects using this medium around the globe. We believe that the Sport for Development sector is best seen in action and there are thousands of videos that document the fantastic work going on. Our mission is to take this to a truly global audience.

sport4dev.tv will enable people to easily access the content they want to see, and further explore the world of Sport for Development. So whether you want to search by sport, development theme or location, or just check out the latest videos, sport4dev.tv is a great resource for anyone interested in the sector.

We will also be producing our own video content, including 'The sport4dev.tv Show'.

In addition we will be streaming live events including conferences and sporting tournaments, giving you the opportunity to be involved wherever they are in the world.

The other great thing about sport4dev.tv is that we're a Social Enterprise. This means that 100% of any money we make from sponsorship or advertising goes directly to supporting Sport for Development programmes that are changing the lives of disadvantaged children around the world.

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